Monday, 26 April 2010

Keep on voting.

I'm trying to book a gig for one of my own bands for June (I have a fourth of July party gig for the other) as well as practicing my solo stuff. I'm glad to say my dulcitar playing, while it will never be as good as my singing, will soon at least be good enough for self-accompaniment so I can get gigs without waiting for the others.

Anyway, that's an aside for now... who's my next vote for?

"An recant" says the captcha, which is not so wonderful but you can't have it all. Choices are.

"Shiny Armour" by Mountain of Fire which is a delicious piece of English eccentricity, reminding me of the Rolling Stones Circa 1965.

"Write Back" by MINIATURE DINOSAURS Also eccentric, also delicious but more eighties.

"Too Late" by MAMOOLIAN which is less eccentric but the singer sounds as one might imagine Alex from Clockwork Orange might sound if he chose to sing.

"Crayoned Face" by CASEY FALLEN. I'm a little biased here because this band is in my library on

But despite my bias in favour of Casey Fallen, on this occasion I'm going to vote for Laura Bowen. She sounds a lot like Lily Allen. I hadn't realised when I reviewed this before that she's only like fourteen? Awesome.

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