Friday, 2 April 2010

My Top Twenty So Far

I've listened to about a quarter of the entrants so far and found that my so called "top five" had over a dozen tracks in it. So, I thought I'd list a top twenty of the hundred and several tracks I've listened to so far. These are the ones I'm comparing with from this point on.

1. "The Girls are in Charge" by What Would Jesus Drive
2. "Min Nos Monterey" by Swci Boscowen
3. "The Waitress" by The Soviets
4. "Whiskey Dreams" by Daniella Maria
5. "Find the Right Preacher" by Paul van Ryan
6. "Cycle Song" by Fiona Sally Miller
7. "Crash System Control" by Red Light
8. "We the Chartists" by Mr Love adn Justice
9. "Filthy Dirty Sex Music" by Dirty Electro
10. "Silent Disco" by Ten City Nation
11. "Non Apologetix" by Knew Jerus'lem
12. "Aj Aj Aj" by Trabant
13. "Baby be Lonely" by Tinker Jack
14. "I Want You" by IFU
15. "The Blue of You" by Opal Sky
16. "Turn It Up" by Long Tall Shorty
17. "Unsound Skin" by Toob
18. "Hail to the Thief" by Steve Finn
19. "Ryder's Dismount" by Ghost in Mirrors
20. "Nostalgia" by Emily Baker and the Red Clay Halo

Obviously these will change as I listen to more of the excellent music entered for Storm the Charts. This looks like a terriffic campaign.

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