Saturday, 24 April 2010

Carrying On

Okay, well I'm not gonna stop. I'm gonna link to GEMIINII RIISIING's homepage and recommend people listen to her cover versions of "Don't Fear the Reaper" and "The Nurse Who Loved Me" as well as her own music. And if you're ever in or around Eugene, Oregon, then go see her.

But this blog is about storming the charts and my experience of it. I've voted for several songs so far and can tell you, I'm disappointed that so many people thought the whole thing about storm the charts was to support particular bands, rather than to hear new music and get it into the charts. I'm much more disappointed than that that some people (whether a band or misguided fans) decided to cheat. It's not surprising the voting system had to be changed... after all, if we cheat, then what's to stop THEM manipulating the charts to make the sex pistols number two again?

The new system is a lot fairer, but I have to say there are about 50 tracks I want to vote for. The odds ought to be that at least one of them is in every other random five but it doesn't seem to work that way, so I find myself voting for records I'm not all that enamoured with. I know... I'll do another vote now and talk you through my reasoning.

So... the capture said "quite can", which is much more boring than some of the choices. But let's see who I've got.

Alita's Curse, Leron Thomas, Stephen Langstaff, Sykes and the Chernobyl Children. From what I remember of listenign before, I think I'd go for Stephen Langstaff, but I'll listen again to be sure.

I'll go to You Tube by preference, because I like videos and because you tube loads quickly, and because I don't have to try to remember which track I wanted to listen to.

Alita's Curse remind me of my late teens, queuing up outside Cambridge Corn Exchange to see Motorhead, but enjoying the Lightning Raiders almost as much. But I'm not bopping around now nor am I the lonely geek I was back in 1979. It's not as exciting as I remembered it... but it's still good stuff, which is a relief.

I get irritated by the time taken for LERON THOMAS's myspace page to decide to load its music player. When it finally does, I have to look for "Fashion". I like it, but I'm not gonna vote for it.

STEPHEN LANGSTAFF's voice is like Feargal Sharkey's and as good as I remember him, although there is a long moment when I wondered if he'd ever start singing. "Saw the Angels" is good stuff even if it does take a while to get going.

No thank you, I don't want to watch SYKES's video again, I'm there to listen to one track lads, not to watch your holiday snaps from the M62. This time, I let my irritation drive me straight on to the next track.

And then it's the CHERNOBYL CHILDREN. I'm sorry, I DID enjoy System of a Down's "Pizza Pie" but "Hot Dog", is not remotely tasty.

So, I'll vote for Stephen Langstaff and on to some more anonymous voting.


  1. I must say I understand not supporting someone because of their page not loading fast enough. I can't stand that myself. I'll try and change my profile set-up. I really apologize for the hassle.


  2. No worries. And to be honest, I did vote for Leron Thomas about ten minutes later.