Friday, 2 April 2010

Another day, Another two eurocents.

Well, looks like Wes has added another four this morning, so let's have a listen to those, and then I'll think I'll have a listen to some of the oldest ones again.

WHAT WOULD JESUS DRIVE play a kind of electro-metal fusion. "The Girls Are In Charge" is a fantastic pop record fusing the two together. I absodamnlutely love this. And Rianne Rowlands' You Tube animation is brilliant as well. Yet another for my top five.

THE WILL DC PROJECT have entered their charity single, "Fly", which will raise money for the Kent Air Ambulance. It's kind of okay, but it's only the charity angle that might make me include it in my top twenty. It seems churlish to review it in any detail though. It's a good cause and deserves credit for that.

THE TROUBADOURS remind me of Oasis. "Gimme Love" is trite and I find it rather tedious now I've listened to so much. I'd've liked it a week ago but even then I'd be saying only top fifty.

are kinda fun. I like "Polka" very much. It's about having fun adn it is fun. It's like a punk band that was influenced by the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band. (Indescribable, original and very very good). Top Twenty, maybe even top ten if my top ten wasn't filled with my enormous top five).

So. Those are the new ones but let's have a look at some of the oldest ones now, ones I haven't mentioned of course.

ELEKTRALUX are a five-piece who produce catchy music with a strong rhythm dominated by some idiosyncratic keyboard playing and with multiple instruments turned into pearls. I love the song but am not so convinced by the singer. Still, "Missing Out" is a definite top twenty in my mind.

LOUNGETREE are from Wolverhampton and "Conscious Killer" is a driving country-blues fusion that reminds me of ZZ Top but with a faster rhythm. I'm up and dancing. I'd probably wait for the album but nevertheless this is at least borderline top twenty.

ZOON van SNOOK are from Bristol. The video for "Bibliophone" is awesome but I found the song complete pants. To my mind it's the second worst out of the ones I've seen so far... and that's even taking into account one of the best videos I've ever seen.

MANUEL da COSTA is a singer songwriter from Manchester. His playing is excellent, his singing somewhat better than okay. Unfortunately his song "Once Bitten Twice Shy" doesn't impress me very much. It's a shame because he does have better stuff available, but for this particular song, I'd have to say it's good but not great.

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  1. Hi just found your comment on our track Conscious Killer - thanks for the support! If you'd like a copy of the album please email me your address, would be great to get a review of you are able.

    Cheers, John @ Loungetree