Friday, 9 April 2010

Coming up to Voting...

So... let's have a renewed effort... listen to all the great music.

3rd BAR - "You Are". Nice, nice, very nice. Pop music, with electronic beats and some sweet-voiced singers. There is some resemblance to recent Britney Spears and I hope they don't take that as a put down. Britney is good at what she does, and so are they. ***** Plus. New number five.

RAGGED SCHOOL - "Eyes Wide Open". Similar genre, but there the resemblance ends. These boys sound as if they have potential but it will taKe them some hard work to realise it. ***

THE GREAT STATESMEN - "One Way Street". These guys sound like The Presidents of the USA, but with a singer who sounds a lot like Feargal Sharkey. A good pop record. *****

KAGE SPARKS - "World Star". Hippety hoppety pop music that's more pop than hip hop. Some great lyrics, nice beats. The rapping is stronger than the singing. *****

SMIFFY SUMMERSON - "He Was a Soldier". One man and his guitar. A reasonably well crafted song but it doesn't really have the spark that makes a hit. ****

VIRGIN SOLDIERS - "Graduate". Some decent Cello playing to begin with. Later on it stops and the guitar and vocals come in. I think it would have been better if the Cello had continued. It's well played, but doesn't excite me. ****

ATLAS &i - "Sleepless Crusade" - This is a magnificent song and the musicianship is trememndous. The only thing I don't like about it is the singer, but it's still ***** plus

THE LITTLE PHILISTINES - "Judith Cut My Head Off". This is interesting. I'd kinda like to see this in the charts, but I'm not sure I like it myself. It's another of those tracks I love and hate at the same time. ***** plus

THE BIBELOTS - "Devil's Highway". Driving neo-blues that's got me dancing and even singing along. ***** plus. New number 11.

START THE HOURGLASS - "Chapters" - Bombastic Heavy Rock in all it's pomp-filled glory. ****

EMILY NEEDS - "Peacemaker". Worldbeat with ululations and chants in almost but not quite Siouxan. This is completely original and yet it has a beat that grabs hold and won't let go. This reminds me of Patti Smith in all of Her magnificence but with the rage of Marianne Faithfull (in 'Why'd Ya do it?'). ***** DOUBLEPLUS. The new Number one.

OLIVER STAYS - "Constantly Dreaming". This was terrific until the singing started. Please, listen to yourselves. You need a new style. A style of your own and then you'd be magnificent. For now though. ****

THE FREEDOM GIVERS - "Whose Side Are You On?". I'm having streaming problems and having difficulty listening to this track. I'll begin again with them when I get a chance.

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