Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Today's offerings and perhaps more

So... back from work, plug in the headphones and listen...

CHRIS WARD - "Temptress". Good metal paying but the voice is flat. By the way, I think this band is called Half Past Dead. **

4HOURS - "4Hours". Drive time music, reminds me of Gary Holton and the Heavy Metal Kids. ***

THE CESARIANS - "Running Horse". Military drumming, some great brass playing and a good singer, almost operatic in places, but cabaret at others. Very interesting. *****

KARAOKE for BEGINNERS - "Sound of your Soul". Grunge with just a hint of metal and a singer with a deep voice that sometimes touches on greatness but too often falls short. Nevertheless ***** Plus

DAVID J HARVEY - "This is Real". Nice acoustic piece. There's something feminine about his voice, but it's a great voice. *****

BEAUX - "Love is Delirious". Oh I like this one. I like it very much. Sort of like a robotic folk song with a hint of P J Harvey in the mix. Delicious. ***** Plus. New number 19

ROY SHIELS - "Vessel". Nice rhythm, acoustic sound but the song as a whole doesn't seem to have the spark to bring it alive. ***

B & The HONEY BOYS - "Set My Heart on Fire". Now this is a fairly exciting acoustic piece with energy and passion. *****

THE PRECIOUS 20 - "Around The Sun". They're from Peterborough, a place I know well. They play with a hint of Reggae in the beat and a lot of hi energy pop in the execution. *****

K J McEVOY - "Sleeping Soundly". He has a great voice and this has a beautifully insistent beat. This is just so GOOD. Reminds me of, well K J McEvoy to be honest. He's a fine singer-songwriter from Wexford. ***** Plus. New Number 6

DAN CLEWS - "Move Too Fast". This sounded really good until Dan started singing. That's a shame. ****

THE TRANSPERSONALS - "Hello Hello". They come from Bristol but they sound like the Merseybeats. ****

THE RUBICON - "On The Left Side". This is a pleasant pop song that feels right up to date. They are offering this as a free download, which to my mind rather defeats the point of Storm the Charts. *****

THIRD LIGHT - "Leaders and Followers". A strong pop record, with just a hint of several indie bands from the last twnety years. Very well packaged. *****

ONE MAN and HIS BEARD - "Magic Sam". This is punk. I quite like it. ****

THE UNSTABLE TABLES - "The Great American Dream". Ominous bass with a spoken voice reminiscent of John Lennon, although they come from Newcastle. This would work better with more of a Talkin' Blues style I think. ***** Plus

ROB MOB - "Agony". It's not agony to listen to it. It's good. Reminds me of the Damned. *****

ALL FOR THE FALL - "Breathe in Oceans". This is Heavy Metal and it is a fine example of the species. ***** plus

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