Monday, 5 April 2010

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Okay, I admit it, after listening to so many tracks of varying quality, I'm becoming a little jaded. Besides, I'm going back to work tomorrow and won't have as much time so from now on, the comments will be shorter, except of course when I come across a track so jawdroppingly magnificent and utterly original that it needs more than the standard one liner and a star rating. So, without further ado...

PENGUIN PARTY - "Song for my old lady". Interesting Western Style acoustic. ****

JULIAN SHAH-TAYLER - "Wetter". Rocker from Los Angeles with lost of energy. Voice grows on you. ****

STEVE SHADFORTH - "Wonderland". Dull AoR from Germany. **

BEARFOOT BEWARE - "The Elegant Philanthropist". An unholy alchemical marriage between Eddy Cochrane and The Knack! ***** Plus

VICKY BULL - "Love Letters". She's also known as 'Doll'. Interesting acoustic piece. Not keen on the recording. *****

HUCKSTER - "Wild Girls". Boy band voices on exciting innovative electronics. *****

THE JUNE CRUSH - "Better Lovers". From Minnesota. From the Seventies. **

INSIDE VIEW - "Cry". Great rhythm, dull voice redeemed by some nice high notes. ***

THE BARENTS SEA - "O Brother of Mine". Nice Acoustic style. Very good voice. Nice lyrics. Nice song. Mounting excitement. ***** Plus. New number 19.

RISA HALL - "Shooting Stars". Wow. Terrific voice, country rock stylee from Manchester. Songs like this make listening to the others worthwhile. ***** Plus. New Number 13.

RORY ELLIS - "Passenger". Western Style, Acoustic, with a hint of the blues and a voice like Nick Cave. ***** Plus.

ALLMAN BROWN - "House of Spirits". Good voice, average guitar playing. He sounds a lot like Tracy Chapman. Not a great recording but a great song. *****

CELLAR DOOR - "Win Some Lose Some". Acoustic, Alternative meets New Country. Good singer. ****

DAINA ASHMORE - "Brewing". Good rhythm, clear, sweet voice, good lyrics. Could have been a hit in Nashville. ***** plus New (albeit temporary) number 20.

STUART ANTHONY - "Easy Sky". Neil Young meets Dire Straits. ****

JAMES McDERMOTT - "Cross Your Heart". Great voice. Boring Song. ***

MENTAL HEALTH - "Bombastic Mind". Publc Image Limited mixed with the late lamented Fuzzbox. ***** Plus. New Number three!

VIENNA DITTO - "Long Way Down". Wonderful, electronic psychobilly. ***** plus.

JEFF JEPSON - "Easily You". I like Acoustic music normally but this is boring and his voice is weak. ***

LOS SALVADORES - "Empty Boxes". Punky attitude with violins in an unconventional love ballad set down the market. *****

PAUL SHEVLIN - "You Won't Last The Night". Awesome piano playing. Okay voice. Great song. ****

MAROON TOWN - "Cumbia Infernal". I admit bias. My wife was born in St James but spemnt a lot of her childhood in and around Maroon Town, Jamaica. This is different to almost anything else that's been entered so far. A merging of Soca and Samba rhythms with Ska-style brass and reggae style. And I'm beginning to wish I'd paid more attention to the dance when the lovely Senovia from Barquisimeto tried to teach nineteen-year-old me to Salsa. ***** Plus New NUMBER ONE!!!

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