Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Just to recap...

The piece of paper where I'm keeping score is getting pretty tattered, so here's my current top twenty so I can start again with a new one.

1. Maroon Town - "Cumbia Infernal"
2. Hysterical Injury - "Three"
3. The Wailingest Cats - "Hider in the House"
4. Mental Health - "Bombastic Mind"
5. What Would Jesus Drive - "The Girls Are in Charge"
6. K J McEvoy - "Sleeping Soundly"
7. Vile Electrodes - "Play With Fire"
8. Heypenny - "Cop Car"
9. Swci Boscowen - "Min Nos Monterey"
10. Wheeler Street - "Young Man's Wish/Flinglish"
11. Pleasure Mob - "Where's My Money"
12. The Soviets - "The Waitress"
13. Daniela Maria - "Whiskey Dreams"
14. The Sick Livers - "St Pauli"
15. Paul van Ryan - "Find the Right Preacher"
16. Fiona Sally Miller - "Cycle Song"
17. Doris Brendel - "Sorry"
18. Cinnamon Antics - "Endorphins"
19. Risa Hall - "Shooting Stars"
20. Beaux - "Love is Delirious.

This is shaping up after listening to somewhere over two hundred tracks but I'm still not quite half way through.


  1. Hmmm... Didn't last but a few hours in the "New #17" spot. LOL! Must be in the company of some great artist. Very cool! : ) Thanks for the awesome review and kind words!

  2. Thanks Casey. And yes, I'm getting to the point where only the most brilliant stuff gets in my top twenty even for a few moments because to let something in, I have to lose something and I am already wishing I could have kept, for example Dirty Electro or Mr Love and Justice, which had originally been top ten when I first heard them. I think my top five is probably around 40 or 50 now. I just love the music.