Sunday, 11 April 2010

Counting Down

There are hours now before the voting begins but there are still tracks I've yet to hear. Time for me to reduce their number.

LANDON - "Bring it On". It's rock music. I like rock music. Unfortunately, it doesn't stand out in any way. It sounds like the soundtrack to an early nineties platform game. ***

CLOCKWORK RADIO - "Lost". It says on their Myspace page that they are 'Alternative, Experimental, Flamenco'. Now that is an awesome concept. Sadly, the track doesn't quite live up to it. ***

IN ISOLATION - "Virus". Now this is better. Sounds like poppy new wave and like water running over rocks. The singer reminds me in places of Kirk Brandon of Theatre of Hate fame. *****

APOLLO 101 - "One More Chance". This would have been a hit in 1975. It's well played, particularly the keyboard, but as a whole feels dated. ****

MONSTERS IN THE ATTIC - "Be Lucky". Now this sounds like good ol' fashioned redneck rock'n'roll and it's very good indeed, sounds a bit like Lynyrd Skynyrd. ***** plus

BURN THE FLEET - "Fictional Children". This band has some great ideas although the execution is perhaps a little harsher than the song deserves. This would be awesome with tighter production but even as it is. ***** Plus

JAKE - "Fire and Brimstone". Reminiscent of Enya's 'Everlasting to Everlasting'. It's an interesting song and not something we hear much in pop records. I understand that Jake also sings in Gaelic, and I'd have preferred to hear that, simply because I would love to hear a Gaelic or Welsh number one. ***** plus. New number 17.

CHRIS SELMAN - "In the Morning". Rather everyday folk. He has a good voice and plays the guitar well. The song is quite pretty but not very memorable. ***

Antonio Lulić - "The Sound of the Girl Next Door, Singing". I find myself singing along. This is a great song. He lives in Hackney but his music is in a great American tradition. ***** Plus. New number 13

BLACKCHORDS - "At World's End". There's an unfinished feel to this. It has rhythm and melody and the singing is good. It comes to life about halfway through but there's still something missing. I wish I knew what it was. ***

MIDDLEMAN - "Good To Be Back". Ebullience and Misery, greagarious loneliness. So many opposites are brought together in this song. The whole thing is brilliant. ***** doubleplus New Number 1.

TEAM BRICK - "Alhazred". I'm a big fan of H P Lovecraft and of North African musical styles. This brings the two together but somehow it disappoints. Only ****

VERSATILE - "Whatz My Name". Come back when you can take it seriously At least put a link to the single itself. No stars

JANEY SUMMER - "Sometimes". This is very good, rock music as it's meant to be. I've certainly listened to it before but I'm not sure whether I reviewed it. Either way *****

ICE BAND - "Look Into My Eyes". The video is teriffic. The song great. Okay, I'm biased because they seem to be my age and if they get in the charts, it improves my chances next year. But I genuinely think it's *****

THE FORE - "I Think You're Pretty". The song's pretty funny. I love it. ***** plus

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