Sunday, 11 April 2010

Top Twenties and the Like...

Here we are, with less than two hours to go before we start voting and I've realised something. The problem is with the charts themselves. There is so MUCH great music out there and yet the charts are limited to similar sounding stuff over and over again. I don't know why this is, but I'm hoping we can break the mould with storm the charts, and hopefully force some other means of measuring success in music.

For what it's worth, here's my top twenty at this late stage, but below that are some tracks that are no longer in my top twenty but I can hardly bear to lose them.

1. Middleman - "Good to Be Back"
2. Emily Needs - "Peacemaker"
3. King Kananga - "Pnosvu"
4. Maroon Town - "Cumbia Infernal"
5. Hysterical Injury - "Three"
6. Zoey van Goey - "We Don't Have That Kind of Bread"
7. The Wailingest Cats - "Hider in the House"
8. Miyagi - "Cry Cry Cry"
9. National Snack - "Rock n Roll"
10. Mental Health - "Bombastic Mind"
11. Ludwig Amadeus - "God Only Knows My Shoesize"
12. Valhalla Smith - "A Portion of Blame"
13. 3rd Bar - "You Are"
14. What Would Jesus Drive - "The Girls Are in Charge"
15. K J McEvoy - "Sleeping Soundly"
16. Antonio Lulic - "The Sound of the Girl Next Door, Singing"
17. The Benwahs - "Comne to Mine"
18. Vile Electrodes - "Play With Fire"
19. Heypenny - "Cop Car"
20. Swci Boscowen - "Min Nos Monterey"

So that's my top twenty but there are other acts could hardly bear not to include. In no particular order: The Soviets; Daniela Maria; Paul van Ryan; Fiona Sally Miller; Doris Brendel; Risa Hall; Knew Jerus'lem; Cinnamon Antics; Dirty Electro; Mr Love and Justice.

I seem to have come up with a top thirty and still have another couple of hundred tracks to listen to.


  1. Well done Alcuin for your huge effort to listen to as many tracks as possible! Have you been voting? Many of your top artists have gone through to round 2 this week

  2. I have been voting but I'm conscious there are still some to listen to.