Sunday, 20 June 2010

And the Vote is Closed

So... as they say on the telly, "Don't vote now, your vote will not be counted and you may still be charged?" You won't? See, this is why the Internet is better than telly.

It's been a great ride, I've heard some excellent music and next comes the hard work of buying (and I am SOOO damned glad that payday comes in the middle of the week we're downloading because otherwise I would not be able to afford it).

I've been very happy with most of the tracks chosen and so I'm looking forward to downloading them and seeing them get into the charts... although I've realised I've no idea how I'd know what was in the charts anyway, it's not like they have Top of the Pops any more is it?

It's been a season. I've had a few gigs myself, and then again I seem to have developed PTSD (thank you SO much crime Squad!). But I realise that checking out the new tracks in the forty has been a focus for my week so now, like many others, I have to ask... in two weeks time when I've downloaded, THEN what am I gonna do?

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Coming closer to an end

I'm skint right now so I'm glad the downloading for this will be in the week commencing 27 June, because I get paid on 30 June, so I'll be able to download all the tracks chosen, as well as Cinnamon Antics and the Soviets if they don't get in themselves.

I've gone through all the music again and found that the only ones left that I'd download even if Storm the Charts wasn't happening are those two... so at present, that looks like I'll be downloading my third to forty fourth tracks on payday. Maybe I should find a way to get an I-player to play them on. That'd be nice.

Sad to say, it's getting hard to concentrate on the wonderful music I've heard as a result of this campaign. I've stupidly spent my life working in an office when I should have been singing and writing. I'm 50 now and, despite the physical resemblance, I'm not Seasick Steve so it's probably too late. My biggest regret is there was no internet when I was 15 and just starting out as poet/singer/songwriter and later writer of stories and novelist. Somebody should have told me back in Lincolnshire that I really couldn't be a contender because I didn't know people who knew people.

That's why I love this campaign so much. Because now there's a chance to give a hand to some young people who deserve to do very well indeed but don't necessarily have the contacts or the management necessary to get seen (and so taken up by the pop world.

Good luck to all of you even the ones I don't particularly like.