Saturday, 10 April 2010

Holding Your Breath

The time approaches and there are still more tunes to hear.

ZOEY van GOEY - "We Don't Have That Kind of Bread". Wow! This reminds me of The Beautful South more than anything else. A fantastic pop song and they have an awesome video on You Tube. ***** plus. New number 5

THE FLEAS - "Something or Nothing". Look, I've been good and I get to say "the Fleas Suck" so there. Although in fact, this is great acoustic pop music and they don't suck at all. *****

PETE BRANDT - "Ships in the Night". Sounds like "Dinner Jazz". He has quite a nice voice though. ****

51/50s - "Lies". Rockabilly with just a hint of the Iggy Pops. The singer sounds a bit like the guy in the Commitments. *****

TANKUS the HENGE - "Smiling Makes the Day Go Quicker". Sounds like it ought to be in a musical. Very nice of its type. ****

THE A TRAIN - "Don't Have Far to Go". Tom Robinson likes them. This is a pleasantly melancholy sort of song. It's kind of folky but maybe more like the music that's played in pubs throughout the land. It's good stuff but I can't see it being a hit. ****

THE BAND OF THE EYE - "Why Are You So Awful?". Very clever lyrics. The music's good as well. Not bad. ****

NICK HOLMES BAND - "You Make Me Smile". In itself a very good song in Radio Two mode. In context though, I'd have to say, it's not a strong contender. ***

TRADER - "Watergate". Rocky pop music with a good beat and some nice chords from Wrexham. The singer is very good indeed. ****

JOHN PAUL PALOMBO - "Jimmy". I'll be humming this years from now. Did I review this already? ****

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