Saturday, 3 April 2010

More listening pleasures

This is the rest of the tracks Wes has put up so far today.

LOSTAURA are a good pop band. I wouldn't mind if "One in a Million" gets into the charts because it's a good track, but it's not one I like enough to add to my top twenty.

THE CHERNOBYL CHILDREN have decided to enter a 'comedy' record entitled "Hotdog". It isn't very funny so that kind of defeats the point. I think it's vying for my new least favourite.

BRASCOE are very clever at making aural sculpture, but I wouldn't call "Better One" a song, or even a tune. It seems more like a game musicians play when they're bored. Know what? So am I. The vocals are okay though. This would be improved by leaving out the first 105 seconds.

BEETNIK are a rhythmic electronic dance music combo of some kind and "Hoodlum" is a fine side for boosting dancing on the floor at an exclusive West End club or at a rave. Thing is, I don't think Beetnik's core demographic would dream of buying this record if the plebs were buying it as well. It's actualy not bad but it's over six minutes long and that exceeds my attention span by geological epochs.

DAVE HUGHES AND THE RENEGADE FOLK PUNK BAND do pretty much what it says on the tin. "The Sinner and the Saints" is a fine example of the genre. They sound a little like the Waterboys but they're not and sadly never will be. I'm disappointed because I love this kind of music but sadly this isn't as good as it should be (or at least it's not as good as Long Tall Shorty). I imagine they have some much better tracks they haven't chosen to enter though.

YUNIOSHI have produced something that sounds like the backing track for a cold war thriller. It's done very well but "Thunderbird" needs a better vocalist. But for that, this might have made my top twenty, which is good because I was starting to think I might just have been listening to the dregs. Thanks for that lads.

DAYLIGHT SAVING are from Canterbury. They play rather jazzy pop. I imagine I might enjoy this down at Smolensky's or the Jazz Cafe and they are good enough to get a gig there. "Rain" comes into my top twenty at number seventeen so we wave goodbye to Long Tall Shorty and the new number twenty is Shrag.

THE INCOMPARABLE BILL ZIPP is on Decorum, home of the Wailingest Cats and An Axe. "Forever Blue" is good stuff but sadly doesn't quite make my top twenty. That said, Decorum is now my favourite label and I'm going to be looking out for their stuff from now on.

LAKESIDE COLLECTIVE play a jazzy-latin kind of acoustic music. "A Road Not Hard to Find" is pleasant enough but, while it doesn't grate on the nerves like other tracks, is still not top forty material.

KITA AND THE HAT seem to have recorder "Caminos Groove" backward. I'm surprised not to be overwhelmed with subliminal messages. There's a reason why Philip Glass is a classical musician and not a pop star. Next.

KEVIN CUNNINGHAM aka Big KC is a singer songwriter. He sounds like Chris de Burgh busking on the tube. "Anything for You" is top thirty stuff but as we all know, I'm learning just how much great music is around there so this is not quite wonderful enough for my top twenty.

AMY BLUE on the other hand, is damned good. "Yellow House" could have been made by Nirvana at their height. Sadly the singer's voice isn't quite as good as Kurt Cobain's but that really tells us the standard we're thinkign about now doesn't it. I'm doing the poor guy down because he doesn't sound as good as Kurt. how Could I? This is number 11 now so sadly Shrag drop out and Opal Sky is the newnumber 20.

AMY JAY GIBSON has entered "Cycling Song" she has an awesome voice and this is a great song. Sounds like country music played by a punkette who lived through the Battle of Blair Mountain. This comes into my top twenty at number 8 and now IFU are the new band to beat at number 20.

THE SICK LIVERS sound like a psychobilly band crossed with Laibach. "St Pauli" is high energy RAWWWWK n ROOOOOLLLLLLL. I've never been to Hamburg but it sounds fun. This is now number 6 and Daylight Saving becomes the new band to beat.

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  1. You're probably the second person to relate my music to the waterboys! I hope that even though it didn't hit the spot, you are perhaps keen to find out more?

    I'm currently working with the band on a brand new CD which should be out at the end of the summer. Until then, there's loads of music to download at