Sunday, 25 April 2010

Another vote

Okay, I'll choose another of my votes today to blog. Today's Capcha brings me "and Bedrock", which I think could be a band name if "then Jericho" could be.

First choice is Make it alone by Emerald. Competently played rock music what more can I say?

Next is Au Natural by The Compression. They have the everyday indie sound down pat. I could easily be listening to someone else.

Easily You by Jeff Jepson is next. I don't remember whether I liked it before, but today I find this dull.

And then there's Zappa Town by Milk. I remember this interminable intro from before but eventually it starts to sound like Wire which can only be a good thing. I can forgive them the vocals and lyrics in the context of this vote.

But that forgiveness is to no avail because the last entrant is Love is Delirious by Beaux and that's a track I love. It's production is appalling but the song is terrific so that's who I'll vote for this time.


  1. And then when I voted for it, I got a message saying "This Poll if for Someone Else". How very frustrating.

  2. That is very annoying, I'm not sure what's happening there, you're the second person who's reported it and I'll try and check with the coder. Sincere apologies for that.

  3. No worries... I think what happened was I waited too long before hitting the button (because my wife asked me to do something else and I came back to it five minutes later).

  4. It *should* only happen if your internet connection changes between loading the poll and your casting the vote. 5 minutes doesn't sound too bad, imagine for people who haven't heard any of the tracks before, it could take them that long to listen to a couple!