Saturday, 3 April 2010


Third post in one day, but there's a lot to get trhrough and I want to hear it all.

JENNIFER EVER is a singer songwriter from a town called Shirley in British columbia. She plays a mean piano and writes good songs if "Goodnight" is anything to go by. She sounds like so many other emotional Canadian female singer songwriters. I'm not judging her against them though. I'm judging her against Daylight Saving and good though this is, it's not top twenty material, at least not in the week in question.

GAF GAM GAF MAF are from Skopje. They're a doomy alt-rock band with a fine violinist to add a certain something. I'm not as impressed by their singer though, but I can imagine "Faith" getting into the charts on its own. I might have thought this was top five material before I started counting but it doesn't quite make my top twenty, although I have to say it came really close and with a different singer, I might have called it top ten.

ARROWS OF LOVE have an energetic drummer and a singer who sounds like a Norwegian Death Metaller having a go at Gothic music. Those are the highlights, but "Burn This Town" is less than the sum of its parts. Quite, quite average.

REVERE say "We Won't Be Here Tomorrow". The song is poppy and upbeat in ways I found surprising. I should hate this but I don't... the singer sounds like a parody of miserablism, the drummer sounds like he learned his skills in the army, and the other musicians have escaped from a mutant circus. This is a new number 17, so the new one to watch is Tinker Jack.

I don't think I've listened to CINNAMON ANTICS and "Endorphins" sounds such a superb slice of pop perfection that I cannot imagine having overlooked it. Tom Robinson seemed to have enjoyed it too. This is the new number nine, so Trabant is the one to beat right now. This is getting harder and harder, sicne I'm more and more reluctant to see my existing favourites go.

MAMOOLIAN are from Worcester. They play high energy, intelligent pop music that makes me think back to the Vapors. "Too Late" is good, but so is Aj Aj Aj and so Trabant remain at number 20. A great track all the same.

EMPHASIZE are five lads from Croydon, and "Time Bomb" is a new look at the music beatniks once bobbed their heads to. The beat is great, chords terrific, words and the singer are fantastic. So.. it's byebye to the boys from Stockholm as the boys from Croydon muscle in at number 11.

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