Wednesday, 14 April 2010

And they're off

I've made no posts for the past couple of days mainly due to a serious attempt by Transport for London to rip me off. On the plus side, I've discovered my negotiation skills are so good, I could probably even successfully manage a Christian Black Metal band (if such a thing isn't a contradiction in terms) or maybe sort out the Middle East.

But that's another story. Voting has been going on and in the process of voting, I've listened to most of the tracks I've yet to review. I don't think I'm going to review all the rest, but there are lots more and I should at least try so here goes... no more pretense at a chart though.

STEVELESS - "The Obligatory Love Song", I'm sorry, I just don't get this. I must be getting old. ***

IONISE - "Reborn". Someone on Join MY Band dot com told me that 'metal isn't rock'. They were joking right? This, for example, is clearly both. This band have potential. ****

THE LAST GRAND - "Alive". Okay Middle of the Road rock. (Can I still say AoR or is this tripple A these days?) ****

CHOKER - "Here". Now this is a great song, my only issue is the singer's phrasing in places but this is easily overcome. Choker will be great. *****

DESI VALENTINE - "Had I Known". This is how rock music is done. ***** plus

ANIELKA - "Grow Up". Nice voice but the song is, if anything too lightweight for what is clearly a powerful voice that deserves better. ****

FUTURE/PERFECT - "The Hunter". It's 1982 and I'm young again but this time I promised myself I wouldn't **** up... at least not in the same way. ***** Plus

ALEX DIGLEY - "Doors". He says his music is Celtic/Grindcore/Zouk. I'm not sure how that would sound but I love it. Is Swci Boscowen the backing vocalist on here? ***** double plus

BRITISH INTELLIGENCE - "Streetfight". A rather heavy electronica with some interesting rhythms. *****

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