Sunday, 4 April 2010

Filling the Gap

So, there's a hole in the new(ish) entrants, so let's fill it so I don't get lost.

GREEN EMBERS play a nice enough tune. "Learning Life" deserves to be the sound track in a movie probably a coming of age movie. It's a fine piece of music but not a patch on my current number twenty, Like a Couple of Virgins, by Parallel Animals.

WOODEN PIGS are from Bournemouth. Why not? They play fast paced pop music spoiled slightly by an unpleasant drone going through "The Light of Day", but spoiled more by a singer whose voice I just don't like.

THE GLASS APPLES are much slower, almost as slow as the Swans, but on "Shining Down" the slow rhythm works well with a singer who has just a hint of Nick Cave in his makeup and with a second complimentary rhythm that makes some fine syncopation. It's not one for my top twenty but it is a fine track nevertheless.

MEN IN CAVES ought to be awful, with a repetitive bassline, tinkling pianos and a singer whose voice sounds like one of the most contrived I've ever heard. The thing is though, "The Funniest Thing" is interesting, gets my foot tapping and might well be the dark horse in this particular race. It's in my top twenty at least temporarily as it replaces Parallel animals at number 20.

SYKES are optimists. They say so. "I'm the optimist" they say. I can't stand their myspace page, but the music on the other hand is better than mediocre. Actually, it's very good but Men in Caves are still at number 20.

COFA TREE are a modern folk band from Coventry. "Alone After Midnight" starts slowly and then goes into a reggae beat before the singers come in. The man has a much better voice than the woman. The song is good, even great but again, this doesn't quite make my top twenty.

RED SNAPPER say they're an experimental band. They combine an African drumming style with some fine sax playing, interesting synth noises and a singer with a voice that, while not strong, is fairly interesting. "Loveboat" is my new number sixteen and so the Ruby Du Valls are the one to beat.

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