Thursday, 22 April 2010


Okay, the voting is going well now, and we've already selected four of the forty. I'm not sure there's a lot of point in me reviewing the remaining hundred and something tracks I haven't yet reviewed, because by now, if people want to vote, they'll have listened to tracks and made up their own minds, which is the purpose of the exercise.

So, the next question is, do I jack this blog in until next year, or do I let it mutate into something else in the meantime. One thing Storm the Charts has shown is that there is a LOT of music out there that is not even being considered by those who decide what will be seen in mainstream media outlets. I'd like to look at some of that so if anyone has any stuff they feel I ought to be listening to, then I'm happy to listen.

I made no secret when I first joined Wes's group of my desire to see an end to the charts and I hoped (and still hope) this campaign would break them. As far as I'm concerned, every radio station should be like BBC radio 6, with people playing music without playlists and just showing what's out there that's good. I think that's something I can do, providing links to music people might not know but might love. Let me know what you think. If people like the idea, I'll start, next time with some music by Jessica Haeckel aka Gemiinii Riisiing, from Eugene, Oregon who just happens to be one of my friends on myspace.

Another idea I have is to talk about my own attempts to "storm the charts". My wife says I'm too old to be serious about music, so do others. But currently I'm playing with two bands plus doing solo work, some duets and a bit of backing singing. It's not what you'd call a career though. Perhaps I'll write about that too, but I don't want to be too boring so, we'll see what happened.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm all ears.


  1. Hi Dude!

    I'm 43 and having spent 20 years twiddling about with guitars only joined a band last january. Our home-baked album is never going to earn the couple of hundred quid it cost to record but for a brief moment yesterday we were #81 in the Amazon FOLK Album chart. Small glories :) Glad you liked our song.

    Up The Wrong'uns!


  2. Hi Alcuin

    From my highly centralised and bossy point of view, I'd love bloggers to keep writing and sharing their thoughts about how the project's going. There should be a blog hub really soon... but I know I've been promising that since about when you started doing this!

    Thank you for being so dedicated listening through so much of the music and for your support for this project from the start.