Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thought I'd gone?

Well I hadn't. I've been quietly voting on and on but I've also been doing stuff with one of my own bands, Vaccination (and we were awesome thanks, if I may say so myself).

Beside my own egotistical ramblings though, there are still charts to storm. I've noticed some people have complained about having to wait a long time for the bands they want to vote for. I know the arguments on both sides and, while I don't really have an ace to grind, I thought I'd try a few votes one after the other to see how random it might be... so, first vote?

Captcha = at Intel. And the bands are: The Ben Williams Band, Rajko, Inside View, Mamoolian and Beetnik. I shall vote for Rajko and move on to the next vote.

Next Capture = Factotum Juncture... and that's more like it. The bands are: Elektralux, unexamined, Ian M Hale, The Doowops and Tankus the Henge. 10 different out of 10 so far. I prefer the Doowops but I'm gonna vote tactically for Elektralux because I think they have more chance of being in the forty.

Next Captcha - although Balearic. I like some of these. And the bands: Zoon van Snook, Desi Valentine, Electro Sheena, Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Band, and 3rd Bar. So fifteen tracks with no repeats. I'm gonna vote for 3rd Bar and move on to the next captcha.

The Yemenis... now that definitely sounds like a band. I'm being asked to choose between: The Words, OneSevenFours, Lead Resonance, Olly Cox and Cellar Door. Twenty tracks and still no repetitions. I shall vote for the Words.

Airborne overdoes says the captcha, not one of their best. The bands are... Alan Neilson, Temple Hedz, The Torrianos, Lippy S, and The Incomparable Bill Zipp. I vote for the Torrianos and still I see no repetitions. Next.

What's the captcha? Common Kennelly sounds not so much like a band but more like the Bodhran player from an Ersatz Irish band from Louisville. And the bands? Nately, Seeking Salvation Through Love, Lex Zaleta, Natubella and Rosered and the Butterflies, so thirty tracks with no repetitions. I'll vote for Rosered and the Butterflies and move on to the next captcha.

Which says Family Keynes. The bands are: Bluesoul Pharmacy, Blind Ego, D'Silva, Thieves Like Us, and Trail. I vote for Trail. Thirty five tracks all different so far.

Ranges 1976 says the capture and then I'm asked to choose between Antonio Lulic, Janey Summer, Venustribes, Vicky Bull and Fiona Sally Miller. Now that's a cruel choice because there are three I would have wished to vote for. No repetitions though and I've listened to forty tracks now. I vote for Fiona Sally Miller.

Next cpatcha says Committee Halicz. This lets me through to The Knower and the Known, 700 000 000, Trader, Mental Health and The Great Escape. Of course, I'm gonna vote for Mental Health. Forty five with no repeats.

Population Novoe. Still no repeats: Eileen Rose and the Holy Wreck, Jo McCafferty, North Atlantic Oscillations, George Kirchner and Two Fingers of Firewater. I'll vote for Eileen Rose and the Holy Wreck and check out the next captcha.

Revenue Wizardry sounds like the slogan for a wannabetrendy firm of accountants. Still no repeats: St Gregory Orange, Golden Section, Atlas&i, Dead Clown Society or Dan Clews? This is just as cruel, I suppose I better vote for Dan Clews.

I'm bored with quoting all the captchas... the bands though are: Jenium, Knew Jerus'lem, The Kickliner, Lakeside Collective, and Casey Fallen. It's hard to choose between Casey Fallen and Knew Jerus'lem but I'll go for Knew Jerus'lem.

Still no repeats in 65 tracks. Lenny Savage, Penny Black, Cinnamon Dreams, Daniella Maria and Arrows of Love. I think I'll choose Cinnamon Antics.

Amoriste, Olivia Broadfield, Indigo, Kamikaze Veterans, and Valhalla Smith. I'm torn but in the end vote for the Kamikaze Veterans.

Then we have the Soviets, Acoustic Jim, David Fernandez, Dark Room Notes, and Black Shades. So 75 and no repeats. I vote for the Soviets.

Inkysmudge, Brave Yesterday, Soul Circus, Some Velvet Morning, The June crush. Eighty tracks and I'm pretty sure this is random now. I've heard, what one in seven of the entrants with no repeats? I'll vote for Some Velvet Morning and call it a day.

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