Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What's New Pussycat?

Wes has added more... these are they.

WILLIAM BREAKSPEAR vs SIXAM ooh, they sound a lot like the Chemical Brothers, but I'm kind of expecting a rap battle, but it's not, "Vowel Mouthing" is vocal free, rave music, that should be played loud and danced to. Sadly, not for simply listening to.

FIONA SALLY MILLER recorded the "Cycle Song" live at the Union Chapel London. She plays acoustic guitar and she sings, and she reminds me of both Michelle Shocked and Four Non Blondes. She's also very much herself. This is one of my favourite songs so far. This is awesome. Look! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P-J6rJn4kc

ELLIE MAE coincidentally, has also entered a similar acoustic number in "Everything and Nothing". With a similar guitar picking style and a similar accent to Fiona Sally Miller, she finds herself in an invidious position. Unfortunately for her, that immediately invites comparison. Ellie Mae has a good voice but it is not great. The lyrics are okay, and I'd've liked this track a lot more if I didn't listen to it immediately after Fiona's. It's also a shame because Ellie Mae's "Kiss Me (Like You Mean It)" might well have been a much better entry - in fact, I found Elie Mae's version better than Rigolo's version which I listened to yesterday..

GRAVITY ALWAYS WINS are a great alt.rock band and "Cut the Cord" is a fine example of the genre. Unfortunately, to my ears, I think they'd be better with another singer. His voice adds little musically and sounds somehow less energetic than the music behind him.

VISION THING have no such problem. Their singer's voice is still a little weak for my taste, but it works beautifully with the music in "Barcode". The thing I love the most about this is the sustained guitar drone in the background. "I love drones, and this particular one works well with both the melody of the voice and a countermelody from the guitar. Not my bong of opium, but of its kind it's very good.

RED LIGHT are from Marseille and they've entered "Crash System Control" which defies genre conventions. The singer's voice is weaponised, and the guitar and piano add a hypnotic base to their assault to help it get inside. This is absolutely brilliant. I'm sure my top five has more than five tracks in it by now but this is definitely one of them. Damn... I think I'm gonna cover this song!

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