Wednesday, 24 March 2010

And some I listened to today

I really want to like POOR LITTLE PIERETTE but "Simon" leaves me frustrated that the singer can't quite back up her brilliant ideas as a songwriter. That said, if this gets in the charts, it's the one that will stay there for weeks until we're all heartily sick of it. I can see this one being a hit.

The track that plays automatically on the BURT BACHARAK FIGHT CLUB website is quite nice but what it isn't is the song they've applied to enter into storm the charts, namely "Hail to the Thief". There's a lot of stuff on their website but the song I'm looking for isn't there, so I'll leave it with a hearty shrug and some heartfelt swearwords.

KASHA on the other hand does everything right. His "Black Rhyme" hits all the boxes in denouncing the trashy culture of today's image saturated society. He's a great wordsmith and has the presence to pull it off. My only reservations are the beats (which while not bad didn't really inspire) and the thought behind the rhymes. Yes Kasha is better than a lot of what passes for rap these days, and, as I've said, he's a great poet, but I'd like to have seen some more original thought.

THE ALTER EGOS left me cold, I'm afraid. "Hope in the Sky" is a pretty acoustic piece but I don't find it particularly interesting. The guitar playing is repetititve and the voice rather weak in my view. I'm sorry Alter Egos, but I won't be voting for you.

MAYBE MYRTLE TURTLE is the best of this lot, but that's not realyl saying that much. "I Came Into Your Room" begins with an awful moment when I think, this is going to be dire, but then the sax comes in and the rhythm starts and I realise this is a fine jazz piece with some incidental vocals. I think it might have worked better as an instrumental. That's not saying the vocals are bad, just that the rest of the musical is so good that the vocals can't match it.


  1. Apologies Alcuin - my mistake on Burt Bacharak Fight Club, the track is 'In the Miso Soup'. Corrected now.


  2. Thanks for that Wes. I'll give the Fight Club another chance.