Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More I've seen before

Okay, another five of the songs I've seen already.

Let's start with THE SOVIETS whose perfect rock-pop production "The Waitress" is almost as good as Swci Boscawen's entry, and which I would certainly considere buying even outside Storm the Charts. It's energetic, passionate, has some tight instrumental work and is backed up by an awesome video on You Tube.

KNEW JERUS'LEM from West Yorkshire have produced "Non Apologetix" a fine piece of Hip Hop over what sounds to me like an Appalachian Dulcimer, and anyone who knows me knows I have a soft spot for that particular instrument. The voices work in to provide a hypnotic rhythm and although I'm not usually a fan of gospel music, I think they put across their theology in a non-preachy manner and more than that, the record is brilliant enough to stand on its own as dance music with or without the words. (But why the abrupt ending?)

You know I'm not going to just write about things I like. MIRRORKICKS song "Podium" is a case in point. I admit I'm biased because of their needlessly busy Myspace page but once you get through that, the song starts out pretty well. Mirrorkicks are a good rocking band and I'd pay to see them... it's just the singer's voice. It sounds rather weak to me, especially when placed against what is a pretty hot rhythm section.

TRABANT from Sweden have entered "Aj Aj Aj" It has a driving rock n roll beat with what sounds like a fairly reedy organ and a hardanger fiddle on top of the standard paraphenalia of rock n roll. The singer has a good voice but I have no idea what he's singing about because my knowledge of Swedish consists of Husker Du and Smorgasbord. Regardless of the language barrier though, I love this song and hope it gets there or thereabouts when the smoke clears and tha charts have fallen.

Finally (for now) TEN CITY NATION are on my library of Last FM. Their "Silent Disco" reminds me strongly of the early days of punk, but they've combined many of the tropes of punk to produce something with all the energy of punk, but somehow more melodic, as if Wire, the Ramones and the Damned had all been combined together and told to play for their lives... oh yes, and the drummer... the drummer is magnificent. This'd get even me into the mosh pit.

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