Friday, 26 March 2010

That's Not All, That's Not All

There are still some tracks I've already listened to so, without further ado, I shall continue.

ANNA NEALE is an acoustic musician from Woking. She says she's a pioneer of "Sex Folk" and I have to admit, she's hawt as they say and her video is steamy as rainforests. "Control" has an interesting collection of instruments and they go well with Anna's voice. She's no diva (as if there could be another alive at the same time as Patti Smith) but she knows how to work with what she has.

YOB KULCHA haqve a nice big banner about Storm the Charts on their myspace page, and given that's more than I've done, I have to say kudos to them for that. "Big Bag" is not good though I'm afraid. It sounds more than anything else like the soundtrack to a couple of racy comedians in old-time vaudeville mixed in with some cartoon sound effects. I can't say I enjoyed this.

MY DRUG HELL are from London. They play some okay psychedelic music but sadly, alone of all their tracks, I couldn't get "Mysteries of Love" to play on their myspace page, so I can't really comment. Then again, I can't blame them for that, I can't even attach the pop up player to my myspace page or get it to accept music from my computer so I'll blame Tom rather than My Drug Hell.

BLUSH are a band I know absolutely nothing about but the singer has a magnificent voice, the musicians are tight (meanoing well controlled and competent, not drunk) and "Living in a Fantasy" is a good pop record. It's one of several applicants that to my ears sound as though they ought to be in the charts already. I wish 'em luck.

MALF begin "Psycho Pretty" with a blood-curdling scream... amd then they play a record that wouldn't have been out of place on the radio in 1958. It's a catchy number with some fine saxophone playing. I can imagine hearing this still on jukeboxes fifty years from now - always assuming I live that long. This is in my top ten.

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