Thursday, 25 March 2010

Some more I've heard before

Just because I've listened to some of the new applicants doesn't mean I've exhausted the ones I've already listened to so here are some more of my earlier thoughts.

TINKER JACK are a fine fairly folky sounding band with a hint of new wave cynicism in the world-weary voices and the screams of the lead guitar. The song "Baby Be Lonely" grabs the ears from the start and holds on. I love this song. Probably in my top five and I can only wish them the best of luck in the vote.

THIEVES LIKE US come from Walsall. Their entry is called "Shine on Me". It's quite nice but it sounds so much like Snow Patrol that I found it hard to judge it on its own merits. It deserves to get in the charts I suppose, but I'm quite surprised they haven't got major label interest already. I also have to say, I felt it went on too long and I was bored by the end.

I want to like SHELLY SOLJAZ not least because I'm from some quasi-rural hellhole in the East Midlands as well. I found "Street Life" exciting and some of the lyrics well written but in the end, it's good, it's not great. I might well vote for them but only because of what we share, not because of the merits of their song.

KUNK from East Anglia are much easier to like. They sound like, say 999 in the days of punk. Instrumentally they are an exciting new band that brings together all sorts of ideas from the New Wave/Punk traditions of the past 30 years, with nuggets of gold panned for and kept while the sand is thrown away. I'm a little disappointed in the (male) singer on their entry "No Way", but I think after a few plays, I could get into this. That said, I also listened to another track, "Game Over" where they have a female singer and I have to say, with her singing, they are an excellent band.

CANADA WATER failed to move me, I'm afraid. They're not bad and I'm sure if their song "It's Petty Theft Bessie" was played on the radio or in a disco, I'd dance and tap my feet, but it sounds like just another indie record to me and I don't think I'd want to buy it. Great songname though.

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