Thursday, 25 March 2010

Another Bite of the Cherry

I criticised BURT BACHARAK FIGHT CLUB yesterday for having the wrong track listed. I apologise unreservedly for that. Wes tells me it was his fault rather than theirs. I still don't like their website but I'm not judging their website but their song. "In the Miso Soup" is a fine piece of pop music. It reminded me of the Vapours in their heyday. It's not one of my favourites, but it is one I could happily see in the charts. I have to say, I like some of their heavier tracks even more.

NICOLA HARRISON writes some great songs and "Matilda" is no exception. I'm not too keen on her voice I'm afraid. It's melodic certainly and has a clean tone. In fact, I'd say it's technically perfect or close to it but I don't nevertheless find it particularly exciting. That said, the song is beautiful and the guitar playing excellent. I can see this being one of the songs picked by the panel and I think they'd be right to pick it, even though I'm probably not going to vote for it myself.

THE MEEK is a brilliant name for a band. Maybe I'm biased by having played Tyranny Games' "the End" (in which 'and the Meek shall inherit the earth' proves to be a warning). The song they've submitted, "I want to live in a dream on my record machine" is fairly pleasant pop music that fades easily into the background even while I'm listening on headphones. Sorry guys, I really wanted to like this one.

SUGAR JESUS play 'electro plated thriller pop apparently'. I'm afraid "Solarize" doesn't thrill me much though. It's reasonably good pop music, but just for once I have to say, the singers are better than the band, especially the female one. The song itself is not particularly exciting, but the voice. Oh yes, her voice most definitely is.

FLESH CRAFT begin their song "China Girl" with some slow, gothicky piano playing, then synthesized sounds come in and afinally a voice that reminds me of Nick Cave at his best (for example on "The Mercy Seat"). The music mutates into something more melodic and danceable, but it never stays long enough to dance. This is an awesome track that defies expectations minute by minute and still manages to sound like something I'd buy. Top ten I think.

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