Sunday, 29 November 2015

Nirvana Top Five

As Kurt Cobain fades into history and poor old Courtney remains to be withered by age like the rest of us, Nirvana become less a band and more an icon.  Cards on the table city. I own a copy of Bleach but for some unreason never bought Nevermind.  Nevertheless, I do love both and I'm not going to just pick from Bleach, cause I'm not that kind of pretentious.

1.  Lithium - There is little I can say to this.  I love this because I've lived it so often and so long.  When Kurt died, well you know, it's only because Courtney said "A fucking lie" as she read his suicide note.  Courtney saved a lot of lives that day.  This is my favourite.

2.  Sliver - Still hurts so damn good to listen.

3.  Heart Shaped Box has beautiful lyrics and beautiful music to compliment Kurt Cobain's lovely, lovely voice.  I love the way the guitars shred as Kurt's voice starts to change from melancholy melody to an angry fractious scream.

4.  Smells Like Teen Spirit - I am not one of those people who pretends not to love this because it's been done to death.  So no, Weird Al, this song does make sense to me and I love everybody's version, even Paul Anka's, but nevertheless, Nirvana's performance of this was seminal.

5.  About a Girl, in which Kurt Cobain sings melodically like Neil Young's choirboy and on Bleach there was some awesome guitar work to back it up, but yannow, thought I'd give the unplugged version a go, cause I loves it so.

Hurts to leave out In Bloom, Tourettes, You Know You're Right, Sifting and that's just the ones I'm thinking of right now.  Oh wait, Come as You Are, can't forget Come as You Are can I?  And on and on it goes.

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