Sunday, 3 May 2015

Massive Attack

Believe it or not, I've never been to Bristol but somehow, when I speak to someone with a Brizzle accent, or watch television series such as the excellent Skins, or I listen to local acts like Hazel Winter, Annette Berlin, Hysterical Injury or, of course, Massive Attack, then I feel right at home.

So, my Massive Attack top five shouldn't be all that hard.  I first heard of them working with the awesome Tricky so my starting point is naturally going to be Protection, isn't it?

1) But of course, I defy expectations.  And Teardrop is just beautiful in so many ways.  There are versions with so may singers.  I wish one of them could be me.  So if you read this Massive Attack, any time, any place, anywhere, Emily would love to do 'Teardrop' with you.

2) You all know me by now.  Big fan of lyrics and the lyrics in Protection are awesome but what's really brilliant is the beats themselves.  But... big fan of Bristol too, and of Tricky, So let's have not the version from the album of the same name but a live version played in Bristol and featuring not only Tricky, but also the less brilliant (in my opinion) Portishead. But still.  "Stand in front of you, take the force of the blow, protection."

3) And next comes a song that with many another band would be number one but this is Massive Attack and they've done so much more.  Meine Damen und Herren - Babel.

4) Oh and this one too.  Another song that calls me to the dance floor and then whispers in my ear and speaks of philosophy.  So YES.  I'm sure I want to be with you and I have nothing to give either.  We are what we are.  This is it Comrades, delightful rhythms, spine chilling vocals and delight in between.  Bey & beyum, meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et messieurs.  Karmacoma

5) Oh but I loved Mezzanine, and the only question is what song to choose from that album.  Ladies and gentlemen, here it is.  Black Milk.

AND oh gods, it hurts to leave out, Invade me, Unfinished Symphony, Silent Spring, Dissolved Girl, Angel, Paradise Circus, Safe From Harm and Man Next Door.  And that's only the ones that were in my top five before I deleted them due to my renowned ability to count.

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