Saturday, 15 November 2014

Bjork (including the Sugarcubes etc.)

My Bjork top five. I have a top million for Bjork, but let's go with some songs that i really really wish more people could hear.

1) 107 Steps - this is not a single, not a record, but it's definitely a song. It's from Lars von Trier's film Dancer in the Dark. Bjork plays Selma, a blind Czechoslovakian woman executed because she refuses to spend on a lawyer, the money she needs for an operation that ensures her son, who has the same hereditary condition, will see. This song is her walk to the gallows. The guard starts the rhythm because when there is music, Selma is not afraid, because nothing truly dreadful ever hapens in musicals unless they are directed by lars von Trier. This rips the tears from my eyes.

2) Deus - From the Sugarcubes album "Life's Too Good". The Sugarcubes were - what can I say, a breath of fresh supercooled Icelandic Air. Deus is beautifully antireligious and shows of Bjork's voice wonderfully. Rock and Disco and a hundred other things and it has Bjork and it is marvellous.

3) Venus as a Boy - This is Jazz, most definitely, and maybe a bit of swing as well. There are interesting percussians and strings doing glissando and her voice, and the words and it's so so delightful. If I did not believe in beauty, I would now because this is beautiful, so beautiful.

4) Army of Me - Listen, this is brilliance. I'm posting the version she did with Skunk Anansie because I love it more than almost anything, and yeah, 'cause I love Skin too.  So Skin AND Bjork doing a song which, as someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder I think of as my song, that is very heaven.

5) Violently Happy - Yes, she makes me so, I feel so, i'm a crazy person, how could I not include this. Oh Bjork. Goddess Bjork. You make me/us so. Yeah

Hurts to leave out anything else she ever did.

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